Unlike some bakers I didn't always know my calling. I started out catering in 2012 and did really well at it. In 2014 I got pregnant with my daughter and had to walk away from catering because of the labor and time that it took. I had built a loyal customer base and they would contact me often about catering again. Eventually I started catering desserts for my customers and from that it turned into a full-time dessert business. When my daughter turned 1 I decided to make my first custom cake for her party. Needless to say I fell in love with the design aspect of baking. I realized I could combine my love of flavors and delicious desserts with art! From that LaViv's Sweet Treats was born. I am an art major who happens to love great tasting foods. So now it's time to make you fall in love. I promise you it will be LOVE AT FIRST BITE!

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